Honda Financial Services

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Honda Financial Services

Your Ride at Your Rate: Honda Financial Services

I Found the Perfect Honda Vehicle…Now What?

What should you do when you find the car of your dreams that performs and pampers at the right pace for you? It’s now time to look at the Honda financial services and options that await you—and also decide if a lease or loan works better for your financial plans. But where should you start? And is one plan better than another? Stick with us today as we’ll walk you through the basics of auto financing. Also, visit us at the Mike Smith Honda finance center and speak with one of our experts for advice tailored to your budget and situation.

Lease Vs. Loan: Which Caters to Your Needs

Once you find the perfect car, it’s time to decide whether you want a lease or a loan, which, aside from helping you drive a new vehicle, work in nearly opposite ways.

Want a short-term commitment that’s also budget-friendly? A Honda lease has you covered by letting you drive your car for around 1-3 years—once your lease ends, you get a few options: return the vehicle, buy the car, or lease a new vehicle. So, if you’re constantly looking to drive in a new vehicle with the latest tech and performance features, a lease helps you change your ride every few years. Also, keep in mind you usually pay less monthly and return your car before most types of expensive maintenance begin, making a lease a budget-conscience option. However, keep in mind you’ll need to stick to mileage limits and can’t permanently alter your ride, which isn’t an issue for many drivers.

Do you crave full freedom with how you drive your vehicle? Then a loan is more in line with what you’re looking for—especially since you own the car. So, want to add a roof rack to your Honda Pilot, add a wrap to your Honda Accord, or install wheel spacers on your Civic Type R ? Buying your car grants you full freedom to make permanent changes with virtually no penalties. Instead, just make monthly payments until the ride is yours—no mileage limits or wear and tear fees.

Start from Home: Honda Financial Services Online

Want to get started from home today? Get pre-approved with our online application, where you’ll get an idea of the vehicles that’ll fit in your budget and the financial resources you’ll receive—all without damaging your credit score.

Curious about your monthly payments? Head to our payment calculator and enter different term lengths, down payments, and more to get an idea of what you’ll need to save for your loan or lease. Even if you want to sell us your used car hassle-free to help set your budget for your next ride, just head to our “Sell Us Your Car” tool and let us know a few basic details.

Need to save? We have New Vehicle Specials along with our Military Appreciation program and College Grad program to help you score a legendary deal on your next lease or loan—head to our website today to learn more.

Your Next Honda Vehicle Awaits: Start near Nederland, TX

Eager to help your next Honda vehicle fit into your budget? Head to the Mike Smith Honda finance center near Port Arthur, TX, and explore our Honda finance options and services to see what types of plans fit your lifestyle and driving needs. While you’re here, we’ll assist in any way possible, from working with your credit score to helping you find how to make your Honda financial services payments online—and that’s only getting started with how we step up for you.

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